Cancellation policy

The cancellation of the order will be beneficial to both parties. is committed to providing all types of academic writing services to our clients. No matter how difficult or complicated they are, we do not cancel or reject any order and do our best to provide our clients with the best quality assistance. However, the Company reserves the right to refuse and cancel any order if:

  • The Customer violates the Company's terms and conditions
  • All efforts and resources failed to find the most suitable author for the client to carry out the work.
  • The Customer's order schedule is affected due to lack of cooperation and communication
  • The client is suspected of adversely affecting other clients and disseminating any illegal, harmful or offensive material
  • The Customer makes, transmits or stores electronic copies of copyrighted material without the permission of the owner

If the Company cannot continue the order, we will provide the Customer with a full refund. However, if the order cannot be extended due to the Customer's reason, the Company will not guarantee a return. It will have the sole discretion to take such necessary measures as it deems appropriate according to the specific circumstances of each case.