How to write an abstract for a research paper

How to write an abstract for a research paper
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Step 1: Write a summary.

  1. What is a summary?
  • The abstract is a precise and concise representation of the content of a document without notes or comments.
  • The outline is a brief and accurate description of the literature's valuable contents without comments or supplementary explanations.
  • The abstract is the abstraction and framework of the whole paper and a comprehensive and concise work introduction.
  • The abstract is the epitome of the entire text, which can be used alone.
  1. What is the summary?

The summary should contain the following.

  • Research purpose: briefly introduce the background and importance of the subject, and put forward the problems to be studied and solved.
  • Primary research methods and content, relevant results (uniquely innovative results), and conclusions.
  • The application prospect or theoretical significance of the results.
  1. Matters needing attention in writing summary?
  • In the third person, a brief statement, not suitable for the content of the paper interpretation and comments (especially self-evaluation).
  • The abstract should exclude the materials that have become common knowledge in the subject area.
  • Avoid writing abstracts that should appear in the introduction and conclusion.
  • Avoid formulas, chemical formulas, illustrations and tables, no quotations, no examples.
  • Use or do not use symbols, abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols, and do not use non-public terms, logos, and non-legal units of measurement.
  • Consider making your paper easily searchable by peers when listing keywords.

Step 2: Conclusion Writing

  1. What is the conclusion?

Based on summing up the whole paper, focus on answering whether the questions raised in the article have been solved? How did it go? Has the research objective been achieved?

Focus on the research results and significance, conclusions, and inferences. If necessary, briefly point out the existing shortcomings and remaining problems, and propose research Suggestions on possible key points and directions for solving these problems.

  1. What should be paid attention to in writing?
  • Avoid simple repetition with the abstract. It is necessary to summarize the full text and deepen the theme from a higher perspective and broader background. The conclusions should be more profound and comprehensive, rather than merely repeating the results and findings listed in summary, nor only making up the summary of each chapter.
  • Highlight innovation and contribution: What discoveries and inventions have been made through the research of this paper? What improvements and developments have been made to previous work? What corrections, additions, confirmations, or denials have been made to the earlier views?
  • Appropriately emphasize and evaluate the significance of the results, point out what problems the research results indicate, and the possible impact.
  • Assumptions, speculations, and opinions that have not been fully substantiated in the text's body shall not be included as conclusions. Don't make up the numbers, and don't miss a valid conclusion (negative, negative, important).
  • Be clear about your views and avoid ambiguous words such as "might", "probably", and "seems to be". Pay attention to the scope of application of the conclusion, and the deduction should be limited.
  • A concise, accurate, and complete list of articles, each in its own paragraph.

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