How to start a new life in college

How to start a new life in college
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Dare to open a door

For example, after arriving at the new dorm and meeting friends in the dorm, don't rush to close the dorm door because you may not hit it off very well with the dorm people. Be brave enough to open the door of the dormitory and go out to the people passing by, you may find out from these people, you want to know the people.

Dare to make the first move

If you want to know someone, learn to make the first move. Because if you hesitate, they may enter the circle of others, but let you have no courage to try.

Dare to show Yourself

If you don't want to make friends in that ordinary way, be brave to show your hobbies and express your unique skills. People always like to know people with unique personalities, and there will be friends with the same hobbies as you.

Joining a club

When I first get to college, there will be many clubs. Don't be like too many, according to your hobby, the club is for developing hobbies, making friends, if you want to, you want to make friends, go, at least there are all kinds of people, suitable for you.

Participate in social activities

In a new environment, the last thing you need is to be on your own. So if you want to change that, get involved. You get to know many people, and you get to see a lot of people, and you get to know people along the way.

Participate in sports activities

It's the best way to meet people. For young people, sports with passion is definitely the first choice to make friends, whether it is basketball, football, or baseball. It can let you and your friends get to know each other through competitions, in the process, you can have more activities in your life and make more friends.

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